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What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital age cryptocurrency, designed by Satoshi Nakamoto under open source license. It is like electronic cash, and you can instantly transfer this digital currency anywhere in the world. In other terms, we can even say that for the internet, Bitcoins are the same as cash.

Why should I provide my personal details in Bitcoin trading?

To provide high privacy and meet our top-notch security standards, we need to know a bit about you, before beginning with Bitcoin trading. We need to verify the user details as this helps us in keeping your account safe from any type of fraud.
It is suggested that everyone should go through this verification process to rule out any risks associated with theft. Once you submit your details, we quickly get them verified to allow you to begin your trading and earn profits.

Can I Buy Bitcoin?

Yes, you can buy it online. The smallest unit of Bitcoin is Santoshi, named after its creator Santoshi Nakamoto. One Santoshi is around $0.0002, which is one hundred-millionth of Bitcoin.

Can I sell Bitcoins?

Yes, you can sell them to an exchange or even to a person live. The selling process is almost similar to the buying process.

How many Bitcoins exist?

Every 10 minutes, around 12.5 Bitcoins releases through mining. So far, there are near about 16.7 million Bitcoins in the market. The number is expected to reach nearly 21 million by 2040.

What is a Bitcoin Wallet?

It is software where the private key linked with the Bitcoin is stored. Your wallet gives you access to your Bitcoin through the saved key. You can communicate with the Bitcoin network only through your wallet.
Only the key is saved and not the Bitcoin in the wallet, so if you lose access to the stored private key, your Bitcoin is also lost forever.

How can I begin trading Bitcoin?

Register yourself in our website, deposit money in trading account, and begin trading at our easy to use platform.

What makes Bitcoin valuable?

Bitcoin, the digital currency becomes valuable because of its following advantages:
  • Easy storage and transfer
  • People accept it in exchange for goods
  • Limited supply
Do people really use Bitcoins?

Yes, millions of transactions are done daily with Bitcoins. This indicates that the network is used frequently. Now businesses are increasingly accepting Bitcoins as the mode of payment.
Though in comparison to other currencies, Bitcoin is not much old but has gained huge value in a shorter time. With the advancements in technology, we think Bitcoin will dominate the currencies world.

How tough is it to make payments with Bitcoins?

It is much easier than making payments with credit or debit cards. All you require is your wallet address and the software through which you can pay or request Bitcoins. You can make payments easily from your computer or from your smartphone. Just enter the address of the receiver, payment amount, send, and that’s it.

Is Bitcoin safe?

Yes, Bitcoin is an extremely safe digital currency with an uptime network of 99.99%. This secure, efficient, and functional technology use cryptography. Moreover, the best developers of the world keep on inspecting, auditing, and improving the network continuously.
If you ever hear Bitcoin getting hacked, it is because of any breach in the crypto exchange security. Hacking of the Bitcoin network is near to impossible because it is the most secure distributed network in the world.

Is Bitcoin legal?

Leaving a few, Bitcoin is legal in almost all jurisdictions. There are very few nations where Bitcoin transactions are yet to hold its place as a digital currency. Regulations vary from one place to another. So it would be better to go through and research the laws of your location first and understand the regulatory policies before beginning with the Bitcoin trading.